Marketed by Amsed BK

Backline Options

Male $385

Add On- Headpiece $220

2 piece Body wear with attached necklace $465 (Includes Bra, Panty, Tiara, Leg Straps, and Wrist Cuffs)

Backline One Piece Body wear Only $485 (Includes Decorated One Piece, Tiara and Wrist Cuffs)

High waist Panty $35

Thong Panty $20

Add On’s

Sideways Collar $150

Feathered Sleeve $125

Jeweled Mask $40

Curvy Option 

Complete As Shown $500

Midline Options

Wire Bra and decorated connected Monokini body wear only SOLD OUT

With Large Feathered HeadpieceSOLD OUT

Wire Bra with Thong Monokini with Large Feathered Headpiece SOLD OUT

Add On’s – Feathered Foot pieceSOLD OUT


Frontline Body wear Only $700

Frontline with Backpack $900

Frontline Backpack Only $470

Ultra Frontline

Ultra Frontline SOLD OUT

Ultra Frontline without Feathered Skirt SOLD OUT


For Individual Costumes Please Contact Designer

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